About Us

Sitting Duck is a Belgian Circus & Street theatre company created in 2016 by Gonzalo Alarcón and Joris Verbeeren. Their favorite specialties and techniques are juggling, physical comedy, slapstick, objects manipulation and impossible figures, which they use as a source of scenic material.

Their first creation, Chiringuito Paradise, directed by Christine Rossignol-Dallaire, has been performed around 300 times so far in 11 different countries, and launched Sitting Duck on the international circuit. It draws inspiration from the physical comedy and the surprising clumsiness of the most famous Clowns of the big screen (B. Keaton, C. Chaplin, P. Sellers…), but equally from the simplicity and the depth of a dramaturgy, which calls upon universal characters. This principle has pushed Sitting Duck to develop a comical language that can be close to that of slapstick comedy, but which at the same time meets the requirements of a street show.

The company approaches slapstick as a series of unattractive and hilarious micro situations, inserted in a scenario focused on chaos and failure. The exploit plays also an important role in the show. Accidents, juggling and object manipulation add a spectacular touch to the performance.

New collaborations :
For their new production La Dyane, the company wants to expand the troupe and open up to collective creative possibilities. This is why we have invited actors and circus artists Andrea Bettaglio and Nicoló Antioco Ximenes and the musicians Marije Nie and Jonas De Rave.